• AUDREY by Bob Willoughby

    22 March – 27 July 2019

    2019 marks the 90th anniversary of Audrey Hepburn’s birth and the 10th anniversary of the passing of renowned photographer Bob Willoughby.  This is the first time such a comprehensive collection of Bob’s most memorable photos of Audrey is shown in Hong Kong.  The 90 photographs – one for each year since Audrey’s birth – have been carefully curated by Douglas So, Founder and Director of F11 Foto Museum, with the help of Bob’s son, Christopher.  They cover the 1950s and ’60s period when she was at the peak of her fame.  The photographs include stills from Audrey’s best-known movies, among them rare candid shots captured behind the screen which highlight her different roles as actress, style icon and mother.

    <Audrey by Bob Willoughby>, edited by Douglas So, is published to complement the exhibition. Available for sale at F11 Foto Museum and f22 foto space.  Readers and book dealers who may wish to order may email to info@f11.com, or call 6516 1122 for enquiries.

    The exhibition is open for public viewing from 2pm to 7pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays (closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays).  Please email to info@f11.com, or call 6516 1122 for group visit appointment.

    Admission Fee: HKD100 for adults.  HKD50 for students and seniors aged 65 or above.  Free admission for the disabled and children aged 11 or below.

    Guided tour


    • 2:30pm (English)
    • 4:30pm (Cantonese)

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    2019年是Audrey Hepburn 90歲的冥壽及知名攝影師Bob Willoughby逝世10週年紀念。這是首次在香港展示Bob最令人懷念的一系列拍攝Audrey的作品。是次展出的90幅相片象徵著Audrey誕生90年,由F11攝影博物館創辦人及總監蘇彰德,在Bob的兒子Christopher的協助下仔細策劃,涵蓋了Audrey在1950至60年代的全盛時期。是次展覽除涵蓋Audrey家傳戶曉的電影劇照外,更展出一些珍貴的幕後花絮及生活照片,多方面呈現她在鏡頭下作為女演員、時尚傳奇及母親的不同角色。

    為配合展覽,由蘇彰德先生編輯的 <Audrey by Bob Willoughby> 同時出版。於F11攝影博物館及f22攝影空間有售。如欲購買,讀者或書商可電郵至info@f11.com ,或致電6516 1122查詢。

    展覽逢星期二至星期六(星期日、星期一及公眾假期休),下午2時至7時開放予公眾參觀。團體參觀可電郵至info@f11.com ,或致電6516 1122預約。




    • 下午二時三十分(英語)
    • 下午四時三十分(廣東話)